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Love, Peace, and Soul The Movie, (based on the book by the same name) tells the story of the television phenomenon known as Soul Train, a show created in the land of bell bottoms, afros, and soul power; a show that became the touchstone of the Baby Boomer generation. It details the story behind Don Cornelius’ mesmerizing rise to the top and his lonely crash at the end of his life.   Following the book, the movie will be a celebratory tale that dramatizes Don Cornelius’ life as a media pioneer of his day.  The film will touch also touch on the lives of those who took the trip with him including his love-hate relationship with his partner Dick Griffey, his relationship with the SOUL TRAIN dancers, the loves of his life, the competition with Dick Clark and other dance shows of the day as well as a look at all of the treachery that comes from swimming with sharks. Most importantly the movie will celebrate the power of black music and dance on television.

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